Luminaire Features

Illuminance Features Written by: Camrin Petramale & Neil Adamson In addition to photometric data, information about a fixture’s features is vital to choosing any job’s  lighting package. Below, we have included descriptions of features included in our final overview. Wattage –  An amount of power, especially electric power, expressed in watts or kilowatts.  U.S. power (60 […]

Luminaire Color

Color Rendition What are we measuring? Written by: Camrin Petramale & Neil Adamson We are given certain numbers to grade a light’s “ color quality”,  but what is the grading criteria? What are these numbers measuring? Since quality is such a subjective opinion, measurements should instead be made quantitatively. It is important to understand what […]

Luminaire Falloff

Illuminance Falloff Written by: Camrin Petramale & Neil Adamson In Part 1, we looked at how a fixture manipulates its distribution of light. Because the distribution describes how light spreads out from a source, for Part 2, it seems logical to explore how this spreading out directly influences the loss of illuminance measured at further distances. Conceptually, this […]

Luminaire Distribution

Illuminance Distribution Written by: Camrin Petramale & Neil Adamson Manufacturers love comparing their lights to industry standards – especially when it comes to claims about brightness. Unfortunately, these claims come from each company’s own standards and lack uniformity across the industry. Additionally, output alone cannot provide a true understanding of a fixture’s characteristics. Through this […]

How to Get Insurance for Film Equipment Rental in Chicago

Insurance is certainly one of the most important steps when it comes to equipment rental, but it’s not always the easiest. It is also one of the most asked questions among our renters, so we decided to compile a simple guide on how to get insurance for your equipment rental. WHY DO YOU NEED INSURANCE […]

Breaking Down A Budget: How to Afford Indie Filmmaking

Filmmaking is pricey. And doing it on a budget may seem nearly impossible at some points. But a lot of indie filmmakers out there don’t have a choice other than operating on a tight budget. Deciding on that tight budget is complex but doable. All it takes is precise planning, a bit of funds, and […]

From Places to Permits: The Ultimate Guide to Chicagoland Locations

The Chicagoland area is the central hub for film productions in the Midwest. The city comes with a range of choices, from the classic downtown filled with skyscrapers, to the classic suburbs with Lloyd Wright’s architecture, we have it all. Therefore, we at Eleven04 compiled this 2022 ultimate Chicago location guide to help you navigate […]

Understanding the Illinois Film Tax Credit: How to Cut Production Costs

Illinois is one of the best states in the nation financially for film production. Did you know that if you create a film within Illinois state lines, you may qualify for a 30% tax cut? It’s all in efforts to boost the local state economy and showcase what our beautiful state can offer filmmakers around […]