About us

Established in 2016 by Richard Song, Eleven04 was founded to support Chicago’s independent film scene through equipment rental. This attracted cinematographer and gaffer, Camrin Petramale and Seth Oberle, who at the same time had recently founded Light Modifiers Rental, which they started in hopes to create a better lighting and grip resource.

With similar visions, the three of them joined forces to make a true one-stop shop for all creatives in the film industry. In turn, more filmmakers joined the cause to help foster the community. Eleven04 is not just a rental house but a central hub for those looking to collaborate. 


Kaymia Li, graduated from Columbia with a concentration in production design. She now puts her skills and expertise on set for many local productions…and she is a cat mommy of two: Diudiu and Nina.

From Liuzhou and now based in Chicago, Richard is an entrepreneur, producer, and director. 

Camrin is a Chicago/LA based Cinematographer and member of the ICG Local 600. Camrin’s diverse working portfolio reflects his personal style as much as his collaborative abilities as a DP. With narrative looks ranging from Sci-fi & historical drama, to Action & Drama, Camrin’s focus and technical knowledge behind a camera are unmatched.

Seth is a Minnesota-born, Chicago-based Gaffer, and Local 476 Electrician, who brings a unique eye and specialized style of lighting to all film and TV based projects. Seth couples his talents of film studies with veteran on-set experience to achieve a wide variety of lighting styles for every type of production. A true lighting artist, Seth offers a unique lighting and atmospheric approach that rivals a Hollywood style with an on set Midwestern charm that re-defines whats expected for professionalism and respect on set.

Geoff joined the Eleven04 team in March of 2022 after running Light Modifiers since 2018. He brought his experience from the automotive field to the warehouse operations, along with a healthy sense of humor.

Being brought up by a family of filmmakers on the south-side of Chicago, Alison is an  AC, photographer with a love for darkroom photography. She also dabbles in printmaking, plant care-giving, and rug making.

Andrew is a Midwest born and raised cinematographer and camera assistant happy to be in Chicago after living on the East Coast for several years. He loves being a part of the local film community and is looking forward to supporting productions for years to come.

Nate Wilke (He/Him) is a Columbia College Chicago Graduate with a particular focus in optics. Outside of work, he focuses on infrared photography, running and playing in TTRPG campaigns, perfecting a pizza crust recipe, and single malt whisky.