2-Ton Grip Van Commercial Package

1-day Rate


Weekly: $3000





40″ Matthews C-Stand – Sliding Leg x10 Baby C-Clamp – 6″ x1
40″ Matthews C-Stand – Turtle Base x2 Junior Base Plate x2
20″ Matthews C-Stand – Sliding Leg x1 Baby Base Plate x2
20″ Matthews C-Stand – Turtle Base x1 Quacker Clamp x1
Matthews Triple-Riser Beefy Baby Stand x5 Chain Vise Grip with Baby Pin x2
American Triple-Riser Combo Stand x3 6″ Suction Cup with Baby Pin x3
American Double-Riser Junior Stand x2 Scissor Clamp with Baby Pin x5
American Triple-Riser Low Boy Combo Stand x2 Safety Chain x10
25′ Stinger x10 Junior to Baby Pin Adapter x2
50′ Stinger x10 Baby Pin With Collar – 6″ x3
4×4 Diffusion Frame x4 Double Headed Baby Pin – 6″ x2
4×4 Solid Floppy x4 Baby Pin with 3/8 Male Thread x2
4×4 Ultrabounce Floppy x2 Snap-In Mafer Baby Pin x2
4×4 Bead Board x1 Big Ben Clamp x2
21×24 Bead Board x2 Fixed Cheeseboro Clamp x2
4×4 Mirror Reflector x1 Swivel Cheeseboro Clamp x2
18×24 Flag Kit x1 Speed Rail – 10′ x2
2×3 Flag Kit x1 Speed Rail – 6′ x2
6×6/12×12 Butterfly Frame Kit x1 Apple Box Cushion – Vertical x2
8×8 Butterfly Frame Kit x1 RoboCup x1
6×6 Solid Rag x1 Small Tire Inflator x1
6×6 B/W Griffolyn Rag x1 Menace Arm Kit x1
6×6 Silent Light Grid Rag x1 1″ Ratchet Strap x6
8×8 Solid Rag x1 Fiberglass 6′ Ladder x1
8×8 Silent Light Grid Rag x1 Apple Box Modern Family x2
8×8 Half Soft Frost Rag x1 Arri Baby 1k Fresnel Head x1