3-Ton Grip Truck Base Package

1-day Rate


Weekly: $1650



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40″ Matthews C-Stand – Sliding Leg x12 12×12 Silent 1/4 Grid Rag x1 Safety Chain x10
40″ Matthews C-Stand – Turtle Base x4 12×12 Black/White Griffolyn Rag x1 4×4 Bead Board x2
20″ Matthews C-Stand – Punky Base x2 8×8 Solid Rag x2 Speed Rail Grid Clamp x2
20″ Matthews C-Stand – Sliding Leg x2 8×8 Silent Light Grid Rag x1 Menace Arm Kit x1
American Double-Riser Junior Stand x2 8×8 Ultrabounce Rag x1 Speed Rail  –  12′ x4
Matthews Triple-Riser Beefy Baby Stand x6 6×6 Solid Rag x2 Speed Rail  –  10′ x4
Matthews Double-Riser Beefy Baby Stand x1 6×6 Silk Rag x1 Speed Rail  –  8′ x4
Aluminum Preemie Baby Stand x1 6×6 Silent Light Grid Rag x1 Speed Rail  –  6′ x4
Plastic Baby Stand x3 6×6 Ultrabounce Rag x1 Speed Rail  –  4′ x4
Matthews Double-Riser Low Boy Combo Stand x2 Cardellini Mid Jaw x5 Speed Rail Coupler x2
Matthews Triple-Riser Low Combo Stand x3 Cardellini End Jaw x3 Big Ben Clamp x2
Matthews Triple Riser Combo Stand x6 Mafer Clamp x4 Fixed Cheeseboro Clamp x4
Matthews Triple Riser Combo Stand x2 Matthews Lollipop 4.5″ Grip Head x8 Swivel Cheeseboro Clamp x4
Matthews Mombo Combo Stand x2 Quacker Clamp x2 Baby Pipe Clamp x2
Mombo Combo Rolling Standx2 Goofy Gator Clamp x1 2×4 Wall Spreader End x2
1k Hand Dimmer Variable x9 Baby C-Clamp  –  10″ x2 15lbs Sand Bag x15
300w hand Dimmer x1 Baby C-Clamp  –  8″ x1 25lbs Sand Bag x10
4×4 Solid Floppy x5 Baby C-Clamp  –  6″ x2 1″ Ratchet Strap x8
4×4 Solid Top Hinge Floppy x2 Junior C-Clamp  –  8″ x2 Furnipad x4
4×4 Solid x1 Junior C-Clamp  –  6″ x2 Fiberglass 6′ Ladder x1
4×4 Diffusion Frame x6 Baby Base Plate x4 Fiberglass 8′ Ladder x1
4×4 Ultrabounce Floppy x2 Junior Base Plate x4 Frame Tie Down Kit x1
4×4 Single Net x1 Baby Pin x2 42×42″ Reflector with Yoke x1
4×4 Double Net x1 Baby Pin with Collar  –  6″ x2 25′ Stinger x15
2×3 Flag Kit x1 Baby Pin tapped 1/4-20″ x4 50′ Stinger x15
18×24 Flag Kit x1 Baby Pin with 1/4-20″ Male Stud x4 4×4 Silk Diffusion Flag x1
Apple Box – Full x2 Baby Pin tapped 3/8-16″ x4 8×8′ Silk (Artificial White) Rag x1
8×8 Frame Kit x1 Baby Pin with 3/8-16″ Male Stud x4 Matthews Gobo 2.5″ Grip Head x6
6×6/12×12 Butterfly Frame Kit x1 Double Headed Baby Pin  –  6″ x2 6″ Suction Cup with Baby Pin x1
12×12 Frame Kit x1 Scissor Clamp with Baby Pin x5 Speed Rail Frame Ear x2
Square Bar Frame 6′ Piece x4 Junior to Baby Pin Adapter x2
12×12 Solid Rag x1 Telescoping Baby Offset Arm x1
12×12 Silk Rag x1
Junior Offset Arm  –  18″ x1