Zeiss 85mm CP.3 T/2.1

1-day Rate


Weekly: $285



Compatible with: Amira, Mini, Mini LF, Gemini, Komodo, FS7, BMPCC, 5D, FX9, C70, C300 mkii and mkiii, C200



Building on the success of the well-regarded CP.2 lenses, ZEISS’s CP.3 Compact Prime Lenses offer the same full-frame sensor coverage and classic ZEISS look in an updated form factor and with improved mechanics and lens coatings. This 15mm Compact Prime lens is derived from the same classic optical formula as the preceding CP.2 variant and shares the same physical length as the 18, 21, 25, 28, 35, 50, and 85mm CP.3 lenses while maintaining identical focus and iris gear positioning with the entire set of CP.3 lenses, relative to the mount. All CP.3 lenses also share the same 95mm front diameter. Similar physical attributes across the lens line makes fitting lens accessories such as matte boxes, follow focuses, lens supports, and lens control motors easier and less time consuming.


Front Diameter: 95mm.


*Certificate of Insurance is required for all Cinema Lenses Rental.


  • Zeiss CP.3 Front Lens Cap
  • Zeiss CP.3 EF or PL Mount

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