Teradek RT CTRL.3 Deluxe 2-Axis Wireless Lens Control Kit

1-day Rate


Weekly: $600


Wirelessly control your lens focus, iris, or zoom with this Teradek RT Single-Axis Super-Speed Wireless Lens Control Kit. The kit includes a CTRL.1 wireless lens controller, Latitude MDR-M wireless receiver, MOTR.X super-speed brushless lens motor, LP-E6 battery and charger, 19/15mm rod clamp, one iris overlay mapping disk, five focus overlay mapping disks calibrated in meters, one extra white marking disk for the controller, and a controller neck strap, as well as motor, controller, USB, and D-Tap cables. A vinyl zipper bag is included for your accessories, and a hard-shell case with custom foam is also included to carry the entire kit.


Connect the 0.8 MOD lens gear motor to your lens, mount it on a 19 or 15mm rod system, and then connect the wireless receiver to the motor using the included cables. The MOTR.X super-speed motor features six times the service life of brushed motors, and has a higher torque and speed compared to previous models. The receiver can control up to two lens motors.


CTRL.3 is a feature-rich, powerful 3-axis wireless controller with built-in lens mapping and data storage. Paired with any SmallHD monitor running OS3, CTRL.3 displays critical lens data as overlays directly on the monitor, allowing camera assistants to pull focus and keep eyes on the image.


  • Teradek Custom Case for RT CTRL.3 Three Motor Lens Control Kit
  • Teradek RT MDR.X 3-Axis Lens Control Receiver
  • Teradek RT MOTR.X Brushless Lens Motor
  • Teradek CTRL.3 Three Axis Wireless Lens Controller
  • Teradek Controller Neck Strap
  • LP-E6 Battery Charger
  • Duracell LP-E6 1600mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Receiver Rail Clamp for 15/19mm rods
  • White Marking Disk for CTRL.3 Controller
  • Pre-Marked Iris Control Strips
  • Teradek RT Pre-Marked Focus Ring — 0.25m
  • Teradek RT Pre-Marked Focus Ring — 0.5m
  • Teradek RT Pre-Marked Focus Ring — 1m
  • Teradek RT Pre-Marked Focus Ring — 2m
  • Teradek RT Pre-Marked Focus Ring — 3m
  • Teradek RT Pre-Marked Focus Ring — 10″
  • Teradek RT Pre-Marked Focus Ring — 20″
  • Teradek RT Pre-Marked Focus Ring — 3′ 6″
  • Teradek RT Pre-Marked Focus Ring — 6′
  • Teradek RT Pre-Marked Focus Ring — 10′
  • Teradek RT Pre-Marked Iris Ring — 1-32, metric
  • Teradek Monitor Bracket for CTRL.1/CTRL.3 Hand Controllers
  • Teradek RT Monitor Mount for 19mm Rod (With 15mm Bushing)
  • Teradek Hand Controller Stand Mount with Baby Receiver for 15mm Rod
  • Teradek RT Power Cable ST to D-Tap — 0.4m/16″
  • 2pin Lemo to 2pin Lemo — 18″
  • Straight-to-Straight End Motor Cable — 0.2m / 8″
  • Straight-to-Straight End Motor Cable — 0.3m
  • Straight-to-Straight End Motor Cable — 0.4m / 16″
  • Straight-to-Straight End Motor Cable — 0.6m / 24″
  • Teradek ARRI Run/Stop Cable for MDR.X Receiver — 24″
  • Teradek Sony F5/F55 Run/Stop Cable for MDR.X Receiver — 16″
  • Teradek RT Wired-Mode Controller Cable — 4′
  • Terdaek RT MDR.X RED Camera Control Cable — 15.5″ / 40cm
  • Teradek 5-Pin to Micro-USB 2.0 Type-B Monitor Cable for SmallHD Overlays — 16″
  • Teradek RT 5-Pin To 5-Pin SmallHD Monitor Interface Cable — 10″ / 25cm
  • Teradek RT 5-Pin to USB Type-A Interface Cable for SmallHD 1300 & 1700 Series Monitors
  • Teradek Vinyl Zipper Bag (9.8 x 5.9″)
  • Teradek RT Motor Cable Bag