ARRI LMB 4x5 Mattebox Kit

1-day Rate


Weekly: $210


The LMB 4×5 3-Stage Matte Box 15mm LWS Set from ARRI includes the lightweight LMB 4×5 matte box, a 15mm lightweight rod support, one 2-filter stage, one 1-filter stage, three 4 x 5.65 / 4 x 4 combo filter trays, and one top/bottom flag. This configuration of the modular LMB 4×5 matte box also includes a flexible, universal adapter donut that fits a wide variety of lenses from 62-143mm in diameter.

The LMB 4×5 sunshade includes captive screws for easy removal and attachment to its frame. For extended flare protection, the carbon fiber flag includes slide-out wings, and it may be positioned at the top or bottom of the matte box depending on your shot.

  • LMB 4X5 Basic Module
  • 4x ARRI LMB F4 Filter Frame (4×5.65/4×4)
  • LMB 4X5 Extra Rotatable Filter Stage
  • LMB 4X5 Extra Non-Rotatable Filter Stage
  • LMB 4X5 Top (Bottom) Flag
  • LMB 4X5 Side Flag Right
  • LMB 4X5 Side Flag Left
  • LMB 15mm Lightweight Support Console
  • LMB 4X5 Swing Away Tilt Module
  • LMB 4X5 Set of Mattes Spherical
  • LMB 4X5 Sets of Mattes Anamorphic
  • 138mm 4.5 Diopter Adapter
  • LMB 4X5 Tilt and Flex Adapter
  • ARRI LMB 4X5 Lens Clamp Adapter (114mm)
  • Carrying Case

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