Zeiss 35mm CP.3 T/2.1

1-day Rate


Weekly: $285


Compatible with: Amira, Mini, Mini LF, Gemini, Komodo, FS7, BMPCC, 5D, FX9, C70, C300 mkii and mkiii, C200




Zeiss’ CP.3 Prime Lenses are a refreshing update on a classic formula. Designed to be both lightweight and compact, yet also highly performing, the lenses feature some of Zeiss’ most advanced coatings to date, applied on top of optical designs based on.


The CP.3 primes are extremely highly resolving in the center, yet with perhaps a bit more focus falloff on the edges than most people realize, and easily cover FF sensors in both PL and EF mount. Breathing is noticeable but more well controlled than many other lenses, and are pretty resistant to flaring. When flared directly, the lenses will show complex artifacts with a blue/green wash of color, and maintain a good deal of contrast even when flared. Chromatic aberration is well controlled compared to many lenses at the same price point, and focus rolloff is relatively smooth.


The optics are based on lens designs from the early to mid 2000’s, and have consistant 95mm front diameter, with common gear placements between the set. Each lens opens to a T/2.1 (except the 15mm, which opens to a T/2.9), and performs with little reduction in optical performance wide open.


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  • Zeiss CP.3 Front Lens Cap

  • Zeiss CP.3 EF or PL Mount

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