SmallHD 703 Ultrabright SK RX Kit

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Weekly: $450


Though monitoring HD video signals outdoors can be difficult, the SmallHD 703 UltraBright On-Camera Monitor, with its 2200 cd/m² bright backlight, overcomes this environmental difficulty. The 7″ 1920 x 1080 LCD provides a sharp image, ideal for focus pulling and image analysis on set and in the field. Another advantage of the high-brightness panel is the monitor’s ability to preview HDR content. HDR preview extends the display’s dynamic range to portray a greater range of brightness in the image.


A unibody aluminum exterior keeps the monitor durable yet lightweight, while also acting as a heatsink for the internal electronics. The LCD panel itself is protected by a layer of optically-bonded Gorilla Glass, notable for its transparency and toughness. The optical bonding process ensures that blacks are not washed out and reduces the harshness of reflections.


On the sides of the display are the SDI and HDMI I/O. Having dual SDI ports allows for A/B viewing of two different SDI signals, or the secondary port can be assigned as an output for sending an SDI signal downstream to another monitor, switcher, or wireless accessory. Our 703 has an integrated Teradek Reciever that will pair to any bolt 500 or 3000 without the need for mounting a receiver. All the functionality of the monitor is available via the PageBuilder OS, which provides advanced functionality with a simple and efficient graphical user interface.


  • SmallHD 703 Ultrabright Monitor
  • Sunhood Cage Combo for 703 Ultrabright
  • SmallHD Bolt Handle
  • Teradek Dual-Band Wireless Antenna
  • AB Gold Mount Battery Bracket for 703 Bolt and UltraBright Series
  • Travel Case