Fiilex Q8 Travel LED Fresnel Light

1-day Rate


Weekly: $300


The Fiilex Q8 Color Cinematic LED Fresnel Light is a 320W, 8″ Fresnel that generates high-quality, full-color light output. It uses Fiilex Dense Matrix LED technology to deliver color fidelity and optical versatility that are superior to previous generations of LED Fresnels. With an extremely wide spot/flood range, smooth dimming to 0%, no flicker, and 95 CRI, the Q8 Color combines the extensive feature set of top-tier RGBW LEDs with the performance of a tungsten Fresnel, great for film lighting use.


  • Fiilex Q8 Hard Case
  • Fiilex Q8 Travel LED Fresnel
  • Fiilex Barndoor for Q8 Travel
  • Q8 Speed Ring & Bag
  • Q8 Gel Frame
  • Clamp Mount for Q8 Power Adapter
  • External Power Adapter for Q8 Travel