Fiilex K305P 3-Light P360 Pro Plus Kit

1-day Rate


Weekly: $240


The P360S from Fiilex is a compact 90W LED light fixture with tunable CCT, magenta/green adjustment, and flicker-free dimming down to 0%. It offers a CCT range of +/- 0.25 green/magenta and has a high CRI of 97 for accurate color rendering. This portable fixture has a length of 4.7″ and weighs less than two pounds. It includes four-leaf barndoors for shaping and controlling light output, and it supports a wide array of accessories, including softboxes, Fresnels, and diffuser attachments. The included multi-voltage AC power supply offers worldwide operation, and the light can be operated using external battery power when using separately available D-Tap cables.


It includes four-leaf barndoors for shaping and controlling light output and 5″ fresnel lenses for each unit.

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