DJI Ronin 2

1-day Rate



Weekly: $900


The versatile Ronin 2 gimbal from DJI is suitable for use either handheld or mounted in a variety of ways including onto a drone, Steadicam, vehicle mount, and more. An update from the original Ronin, this motorized stabilization system is suitable for a range of camera and lens configurations, boasting a payload capacity of 30 pounds. This means it can be used for everything from DSLRs up to cinema cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA Mini or Sony FS7.

Like its predecessor, the Ronin 2 features support for underslung, upright, and briefcase operation modes to help you achieve the best angle. However, it has been redesigned to enable easy transition between upright and underslung modes without changing the position of the camera. It also offers several other improvements, such as enhancements to the control software and physical design to simplify taking complex shots without sacrificing performance, all while making important functions more readily accessible.


  • Water Tight Protective Case
  • Gimbal
  • Grip (with top handle)
  • Grip Base (with feet)
  • Remote Controller
  • DJI TB50 Intelligent Battery
  • Dual TB50 Battery Mount
  • 10A 125V [C5] Charger AC Cable
  • DJI Quad Charging Hub
  • Power Hub
  • Camera Top Cross Bar
  • Camera Base Plate
  • Accessory Mount
  • 15mm Rod
  • 15mm Focus Rod Mount
  • Universal Mount
  • Top Mounting Block
  • Accessories Bag
  • Motion Block
  • CineMilled Threaded Mitchell Collar