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Weekly: $3,000


With its compact, lightweight carbon body, the ALEXA Mini Body with 4:3 and ARRIRAW complements the range of full-size ALEXA cameras, and is especially useful for capturing specialized shots. The self-contained ALEXA Mini can record UHD-resolution images with up to 14 stops of dynamic range. Its 35mm-sized CMOS sensor features a titanium mount and a 4:3 aspect ratio. The included 4:3 Open Gate, and ARRIRAW licenses enable ProRes recording in several widescreen options, as well as in-camera and external ARRIRAW capture.

Operate the ALEXA Mini via wireless remote control, using the MVF-1 viewfinder, or while viewing an onboard monitor. Its small size suits it for use with gimbals, handheld rigs, or quadcopters and for multicamera shots, and in tight quarters. The lens mount is interchangeable, opening up a wider choice of lenses such as EF-mount still lenses. The ALEXA Mini can make use of ARRI AMIRA mounts, a boon for shooters working with both units.

Image quality, formats, and workflow are identical to those offered by other ALEXA models, enabling you to produce matching images across cameras, including in anamorphic mode. Record ProRes or ARRIRAW to an internal CFast card or externally to a Codex recorder (not included). Up to four ALEXA Minis can record simultaneously to one Codex recorder. The Mini’s maximum frame rate of 200 fps (ProRes) enables you to avoid adding a separate camera for high-speed work.

Using the power and large pixels of the 4:3 ALEV III sensor, the ALEXA Mini records up to UHD 4K ProRes images with the dynamic range, skin tones, and true-to-life colors for which ARRI cameras are noted. Recording in Open Gate and MFX/ARRIRAW formats requires additional, downloadable licenses (not included). Looking ahead to future standards, the wide dynamic range of the ALEXA Mini makes it suitable for HDR displays, and its 0.75-200 fps speed range can be used for increasingly-popular HFR (high frame rate) capture modes.

Both EF and PL mounts are available for this camera. Please specify lens mount upon issuing rental reservation.



  • ARRI ALEXA AC Adapter
  • ARRI ALEXA Broadcast VCT Plate
  • 256 CFast Cards (x3)
  • SanDisk CFast Card Reader
  • SHAPE Quick Handle
  • 24” 15mm Rods (2x)
  • 13.4” 15mm Rods (2x)
  • ARRI ALEXA Mini Camera Body
  • ARRI ALEXA Mini Viewfinder MVF-1
  • Transvideo StarliteHD5 OLED Monitor/Recorder with ARRI BUS Interface
  • ARRI Center Camera Handle
  • ARRI ALEXA Mini MAP-2 Top Plate
  • ARRI ALEXA Mini MSB-1 Side Bracket (2x)
  • ARRI ALEXA Mini Broadcast Plate
  • Wooden Camera A-Box Adapter for Alexa Mini
  • ARRI Bebob Gold Mount Power Splitting Box Mk II

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