Cooke 32mm Mini S4/i T/2.8

1-day Rate


Weekly: $270


Compatible with: Amira, Mini, Mini LF, Gemini, Komodo, FX9, FS7, and C300mkiii


Cooke’s Mini S4/i Lenses are an approachable and versatile entry to the now legendary Cooke Look. Small and lightweight, the lenses open to a consistent T/2.8 with the 32mm having a front diameter of 87mm


The set comfortably covers Super35 format cameras, with the longer lengths (50+) approaching full-format coverage. Perfectly color matched, the lenses resolve very highly corner to corner and have high contrast, with a timeless, smooth focus rolloff and a balanced, clean, and subtle rendering of bokeh. Skintones and detail come through warm and pleasant, and breathing is subtle and organic


Front Diameter: 87mm.


*Certificate of Insurance is required for all Cinema Lenses Rental.


  • Cooke Mini S4/i 32mm T2.8