Canon C300 MKIII

1-day Rate


Weekly: $1200


The Canon EOS C300 Mark III is an EF-Mount digital cinema camera that lets you shoot consistent cinema-quality footage. It has a Super 35mm Dual Gain Output (DGO) sensor, a next-generation imaging system that can generate high dynamic range while also maintaining low-noise levels during recording. The C300 Mark III is powered by Canon’s DIG!C DV7 image processor for recording at higher frame rates. It also has a Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus for quick and easy focusing during shooting. View your shots easily thanks to its LM-V2 4.3″ touchscreen LCD Monitor. This EF-Mount camera now has a new modular design, making it easier to fit different mounts, supports, and expansion units for specific shooting needs. Rent C300 for your next project.


Whether you’re shooting handheld or using a gimbal or drone, renting the C300 Mark III will be convenient to use while also yielding high-quality footage every single time.


  • Canon C300 MKIII Body (EF)
  • CFExpress Card Reader
  • 128GB CFExpress Card Type B (x2)
  • Canon C300 MK III Top Handle
  • Canon C300 MK III Monitor


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