OConnor 1040 with Flowtech 100 Legs

1-day Rate


Weekly: $285


The OConnor Ultimate 1040 Fluid Head is a lightweight fluid head that shares features with the other fluid heads in the OConnor Ultimate fluid head line. This allows operators to easily transition between lighter and heavier cameras without having to relearn or think about the differences between fluid heads. The head supports 45 pounds’ worth of camera and accessories at a center of gravity (COG) 5 inches above the camera platform. The counterbalance system helps prevent the camera from tilting forward or back on the head on its own and helps the camera to remain in the position the operator places it without requiring additional effort to hold it in place. The counterbalance system on the 1040 is a stepless system, so it is continuously variable from the maximum weight the head can support all the way down to zero. This makes the 1040 extremely versatile and suitable for use with heavy ENG-style cameras all the way down to lightweight cameras, while maintaining the same operational feel.



The 1040 features a large Euro-style quick release plate. The QR plate allows you to mount and remove the camera by lifting straight off the head and not having to slide it in from the back. The fluid head is able to tilt 90 degrees forward and back, allowing you to tilt the camera straight down and then straight up, all in the same shot. The camera also features independent drag controls and locks for both pan and tilt. The included 100mm ball base is removable and can be replaced with other available bases. The included pan handle can be attached to either side of the the fluid head, utilizing the mounting rosette on either side of the head.


  • O’Connor 1040 Fluid Head with 100mm Ball
  • O’Connor Euro Plate
  • O’Conor 100mm Ball Tie Down
  • O’Connor Head Pan Bar
  • O’Connor Head Pan Bar Extension
  • O’Connor 100mm Flowtech Legs
  • Flowtech Carry Handle
  • O’Connor Mid-Level Spreaders for Flowtech Legs
  • O’Connor Feet for Flowtech Legs