Angenieux EZ-2 Cinema Zoom / T3 Lens

1-day Rate


Weekly: $825


Compatible with: BMPCC, Amira, Mini, Mini LF, Gemini, Komodo, C300 MKIII, C300 MKII, C200, C70, 5D, FS7, FX9, AS7ii, EVA-1


Angenieux’s Type EZ-1 and EZ-2 Zoom lenses strike a wonderful balance between utility and character. Each zoom features the standard traits for an industry workhorse zoom- parfocal, consistent gear placement, standard 114mm fronts, a long focus throw and reliable mechanics.
The lenses can also be configured with not only an interchangeable mount to work on whatever camera you’re working with, but also interchangeable rear optical blocks to allow the lenses to cover either super 35 sensor areas at a fast T/2, or full format sensor areas at a T/3.


When configured for S35 sensors, the lenses measure a 30-90 T/2 and a 15-40 T/2. When configured for FF sensors, the lenses range from a 45-135 T/3, and a 22-60mm T/3. No matter the rear optical group, the lens can be outfitted with a PL mount or an EF mount.


The lenses render well and sharp across the frame, with just a hint of resolution falloff on the far edges of frame, allowing for a tiny bit of character while keeping the clean and highly performing center that’s commonly needed for work. Breathing is manageable, and the lenses cut in well with Cooke’s Mini S4/i’s or any other contemporary Angenieux lens


Front Diameter: 114mm.


*Certificate of Insurance is required for all Cinema Lenses Rental.


  • Angenieux EZ-2 15-40mm T2.0
  • 15mm rods
  • Titla 15mm LWS Lens Support

Additional information

Lens Mount


Sensor Coverage

S35 (15-40mm), FF (22-60mm)