Zeiss 100mm Milvus f/2

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Whether in its role as a high-precision reproduction lens for technical applications or as a traditional, moderate tele-lens for portraits with shallow depth of field, the ZEISS Milvus 100mm f/2 allows you to delve into both worlds.
The ZEISS Milvus 100mm f/2, of the ZEISS Makro-Planar type, is currently the fastest 100mm macro lens on the market and closes the gap between long range and breathtaking close-up shots. This lens bridges distances and allows unique image compositions. This lens is ideal when you need some distance between your camera and your subject, e.g.during a portrait shoot. Its precise mechanical components with a large focus throw permit precise control which is particularly important for macro photography in the close-up range.


  • Zeiss Milvus 100mm f/2
  • Lens Hood
  • EF Mount