Sony LMD-B240 24" LCD Monitor

1-day Rate


Weekly: $375


Monitor a variety of video signals with the LMD-B240 24″ Full HD IPS LCD Monitor from Sony, which features 1920 x 1080 resolution, SDI and HDMI inputs, SDI loop output, and a built-in stereo speaker. The monitor features two SDI and one HDMI input which allow you to monitor a variety of resolutions, from computer signal to high-resolution camera footage.


With the display’s multi-format side-by-side function, it allows HD and SD video signals with different frame rates, interlace, PsF, and progressive, to be displayed side-by-side on one monitor. The display features a user reset function, front-mounted stereo speakers, and an audio muting function. You can view on-screen tally and utilize picture monitoring tools such as timecode, vectorscope, waveform, flip-function, camera focus function, and more.


This monitor is equipped with a passive ventilation system that ensures a silent operation, making the monitor highly suitable for video shooting and critical audio operations.


  • Matthews VESA Stand Mount
  • 125v 10A IEC-NA Cable

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