RED DSMC2 Gemini

1-day Rate


Weekly: $1500



Bundling high performance raw video recording in a compact camera body, the RED DIGITAL CINEMA DSMC2 BRAIN with GEMINI 5K S35 Sensor is part of the unified DSMC2 lineup and is designed to be built up the way you want, to tell your story in almost any way possible. Since the DSMC2 form factor is standard, accessories from RED and other manufacturers can be easily attached to accessorize your camera. The GEMINI uses advanced circuitry designed for the aerospace industry, the GEMINI can switch native sensitivities with its “Dual Native ISO.” Practically speaking, it can operate in both normal and dimly lit scenarios without prematurely blown highlights or excessive noise, respectively.

REDCODE RAW is the format of choice for DSMC2 cameras. RED’s versatile raw codec uses wavelet compression to reduce data rates while maintaining a visually lossless image rendering. This efficient codec can be edited on many available NLE software programs without transcoding, though if you prefer a proxy workflow, ProRes or DNx files can be recorded simultaneously to the MINI-MAG media. Lowering the recording resolution allows the sensor to capture higher frame rates for dramatic slow-motion footage. The DSMC2 cameras use sensor windowing to record slow motion in lower resolutions. Recording rates range from 12 fps and up, for 5k this is 75 or 96 fps depending on resolution, up to 200fps at 2k.

Both EF and PL mounts are available for this camera. Please specify lens mount upon issuing rental reservation.


  • RED Gemini 5K Unified DSMC2 Body
  • RED DSMC2 Touch 7″ LCD
  • RED DSMC2 V-LOCK I/O Expander
  • RED Side Handle
  • RED DSMC2 Sidekick Control Module
  • 15/19mmm bridgeplate and dovetail
  • 480GB Mini Mags (2x)
  • RED Mini Mag Card Reader
  • RED AC Adapter
  • Anton Bauer Cine 90 Batteries (x2)
  • Anton Bauer Charger

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