Prolycht Orion 675 Kit

1-day Rate


Weekly: 525


Bright, color accurate, and suitable as a key, fill, set, kicker, or ambient light source using only 675W, the Orion 675 FS LED from Prolycht has the output to match a 1200W HMI or a 5K tungsten lamp, while providing you with the advantages of an LED source. Featuring an RBGACL COB (Chip on board) for precise CCT output from 1800 to 20,000K, the output has a color spectrum that nearly matches daylight, allowing you to capture extremely accurate colors for beautiful results without surprises on playback.



  • Prolycht Orion 675 FS Head
  • Prolycht Orion 675 FS Switched Power Cord
  • Prolycht Orion 675 FS 30 Degree Reflector
  • Prolycht Orion 675 FS 55 Degree Reflector
  • Prolycht Orion Bowens Mount LED Protective Cover
  • (2) Prolycht Orion Reflector Protector