ProAim Dynamic Tilt Wedge Levelling Plate

1-day Rate


Weekly $75


The Dynamic Wedge Plate is the newest addition to Proaim’s mounting & grip accessories. With low weight of 1.5kg/3lb, it is suitable for dynamic shooting, such as, on cars, etc. Its Ratchet Locking Mechanism securely holds the levelling plate at the desired angle. Several rubber pads avoid slipping of the camera. Bubble level provided in this tripod mounting plate ensures accurate balancing. It is ideal for use with ARRI-standard Dovetail Plate for setting up your camera rig. The base of the wedge plate has 3/8-16″ threads for attachment to tripod heads & other rigging/grip. It provides dutch tilt, Underslung & gets you so low shots and allows you to manipulate your fluid head more than you normally could. It’s a Must-Have Gear in Every Cinematographer’s Production Kit!