Yaeger Camera Cart

1-day Rate


Weekly: $300


Yaeger Senior Cart is an amazing tool to rent for filmmakers who rarely work in the same place twice. Mostly used by camera assistants in the movie industry, the cart is designed to break down in minutes to a heavy-duty case for easy transportation.

The cart can support all your camera department needs with its 800lbs payload capacity. With both a Mitchell mount and dovetail mount, it’s easy to keep your camera build ready to go between takes or moves. A full-width side trough lets you keep your most important tools both organized and at-hand. Two tripod hooks let you keep both regular and baby sticks ready to go at a moment’s notice. A hi or lo hat can be stored under the bottom shelf, keeping it available but out of the way.


  • Senior Cart Top Shelf
  • Senior Cart Bottom Shelf
  • Senior Cart Left Handle
  • Senior Cart Right Handle
  • Senior Cart Shelf Support
  • Senior Cart Smart Casters
  • Senior Cart Dumb Casters
  • Senior Cart 5.5″ Accessory Risers
  • Senior Cart 1″ Accessory Risers
  • Senior Cart Tripod Hook Bar
  • Senior Cart Mitchell Mount
  • Senior Cart Dovetail Mount
  • Senior Cart Side Trough
  • Senior Cart Battery Trough
  • Senior Cart Umbrella Holder
  • Senior Cart Suitcase Locking Hardware (Post, 3/8-16 Screw, and Washer)