NiSi IRND 0.6 (4×5.65″) Filter

1-day Rate


Weekly: $30


The NiSi Cinema 4×5.65” Nano IR Neutral Density Filters darken the entire image, allowing you to compensate for bright conditions whilst keeping your Aperture, Shutter speed, and iso where you need them to be. The IR Coating eliminates any unwanted coloration of the image when used in conjunction with other filters. In order to remove any color cast and keep the Blacks as rich and true as possible, one layer of NiSi Optical Nano Coating is applied to each of this filter’s surfaces along with the IR coating to provide the highest color accuracy as possible. This coating, coupled with high-quality optical glass and strict manufacturing standards, give you accurate color, extreme sharpness making it perfect for today’s high-res. cameras.