Kino Flo Freestyle Air Max Kit

1-day Rate




The FreeStyle Air Max arrives ready to take its place as a lightweight accessory that integrates seamlessly with existing FreeStyle systems. Compatible with FreeStyle mounts, extension cables and LED-140 & LED-150 Series controllers, this portable thin profile panel offers the advantages of easy deployment and favorable cost of ownership to current FreeStyle owners and operators.

In addition to a twist-on mount for light stands, and corner bumpers for 4-point hangs, the FreeStyle Air Max comes with eyelets to simplify overhead and other surface attachment. Its rigid construction prevents any flex when handling and safeguards the integrity of its components. Usable LED life is extended with a proven passively-cooled design that ensures color and luminosity remain stable over the rated life of the LEDs.


  • Kino Flo Freestyle Air Max
  • Kino Flo Freestyle 152X LED DMX Power Supply
  • Kino Flo Freestyle Baby Receiver Mount & Grip
  • Kino Flo Freestyle Head Cable Extension – 25′
  • 10A 125V [C13] IEC Cable
  • Super Clamp
  • Mafer Pin w/ 1/4-20 Stud