Litepanels Astra Bi-Focus Kit

1-day Rate


Weekly: $300


At one time, the only way you could focus your light source was by using a Fresnel or PAR fixture. Litepanels has changed that with the introduction of the Astra Bi-Focus Daylight LED Panel. Fresnels and PARs can be cumbersome, but Litepanels uses two sets of lenses in the panel to allow spot-to-flood beam adjustment from 15 to 45 degrees in a fixture that is only 5.3″ thick. The 15-degree beam angle is handy in situations where you want to isolate a subject, control spill, or manage long-throw applications; whereas 45 degrees is ideal for wide coverage. And best of all you can adjust your coverage without moving the light, a valuable capability when the Astra is hung overhead or mounted in hard-to-reach places. This is where Astra’s control features will be appreciated for film lighting use.



  • Litepanels Astra Bi-Focus LED Panel
  • Litepanels A/C Adapter
  • 10A 125V [C13] AC Power Cable
  • P-Tap to 4-pin XLR Power Cable
  • Litepanels Astra Bi-Focus Case