Doorway Dolly

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For years the Doorway Dolly has proven its versatility on stage and location. Quick change pneumatic wheels are standard equipment. The Dolly can easily be fitted with Matthews Hot Buttons for use on straight or curved track. The platform is fitted with a recessed camera tie-down and is carpeted for a nonslip, low maintenance surface.

The Doorway Dolly will move through a full range of travel with either the Push Bar or Pull Bar. Load it with gear to get to the location with ease! The platform can be flipped over for even lower camera positioning. Ground clearance is 9″ or 3″ when inverted. The removable side boards add an extra 10″ per side for increased platform width.

The wheelbase is 28-1/4″ wide and the platform length is 51″. Hot Buttons can be easily installed to accommodate standard 24.5″ width track. Weight Capacity 800 Lbs. (363kg)


  • Doorway Dolly Push Handle
  • Doorway Dolly Steering Handle
  • Doorway Dolly Sideboard
  • Doorway Dolly Skate Wheels

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Doorway Dolly, Doorway Dolly + Skate Wheels