Canon EJ DigiPrime 5-Lens Set with IB/E HDx35 Expander (Set Only) (PL Mount Only)

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Weekly: $1,050


Canon’s EJ series DigiPrimes were originally built and designed for b4-Mount 3-chip CCD sensors. When paired with IB/E’s HDx35 B4 to PL Expander the lenses are setup for a 2.5x focal expansion, making them a striking option for Super35 image capture.
The set includes a 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm, and 35mm focal lengths all at a very fast T/1.5. With the Expander, you end up with a 15, 26, 40, 65, and 91mm range of primes, all at a T/1.5.
The adapter fully corrects aberrations incurred with the 3-chip minded optical design, correcting the lenses for use on single-sensor cameras and does incur a 2.5 stop loss of light, which does not affect depth of field.
The set is known for gorgeous paint-like bokeh rendering with a fair amount of field curvature and an incredibly gentle focus fall-off., and were used on the film 28 Days Later. Spherical Aberration is well-controlled, which leaves options for both edge framing without loss of detail, and center framing with plenty of falloff depending on how the scene is setup.


  • Canon 6mm T/1.5 EJ DigiPrime
  • Canon 10mm T/1.5 EJ DigiPrime Lens
  • Canon 15mm T/1.5 EJ DigiPrime
  • Canon 24mm T/1.5 EJ DigiPrime Lens
  • Canon 35mm T/1.5 EJ DigiPrime Lens
  • IB/E Optics HDx35 mkII B4 to PL Expander