Canon CN-E Prime [6-Lens] Kit

1-day Rate


Weekly: $900


Each lens features an 11-bladed iris which provides rounded, out-of-focus highlights for a more natural-looking image and consistency when switching focal lengths. The lenses incorporate dual focus markings on each side of the barrel, making it easier to read lens markings from either side of the camera. The lenses all share a consistent form factor, the same 114mm front barrel diameter, gear position, and rotation angle across the family of CN-E prime lenses, minimizing differences as you switch lenses during your shoot day.


Please choose between the 14mm or 20mm lens to complete the (6) kit set



  • CN-E 14mm or 20mm
  • CN-E 24mm
  • CN-E 35mm
  • CN-E 50mm
  • CN-E 85mm
  • CN-E 135mm

Additional information

Choose between 14mm or 20mm Lens

14mm, 20mm