Canon 14mm L II f/2.8

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The EF 14mm f/2.8L II USM Lens from Canon offers a bright maximum aperture and provides an ultra wide-angle view with the shortest focal length in the line-up of L-series camera lenses. Its diagonal angle of view is an impressive 114°. This lens features completely redesigned optics, including two high-precision Aspherical elements and two UD-glass elements. This results in better contrast and sharpness at the outer edges, and a reduction in chromatic aberrations that can sometimes be seen with high-resolution digital SLRs. Its minimum focus distance is 7.9″ and its truly circular diaphragm helps to create a pleasing out-of-focus background.

This wide aperture lens is the ideal choice for architectural, wedding, or other pro-level photography applications and it’s moisture proof and dustproof sealing helps to ensure its durability.


  • Canon 14mm f/2.8l USM II