Canon 14mm CN-E T/3.1

1-day Rate


Weekly: $210


Compatible with: BMPCC, Amira, Mini, Mini LF, Gemini, Komodo, C300 MKIII, C300 MKII, C200, C70, FX9 FS7, EVA-1


Canon’s CN-E Primes are a standby in the indie community. Common gear placement and 114mm fronts with reliable mechanics and full data readout through the EF mounts give the lenses the versatility to show up on any set from a low budget indie or short, all the way up to virtual envoronment production that can take the data readout straight into post.


The CN-E’s are notably highly resolving lenses, with a middling level of contrast suitable for a pretty wide variety of work. The 50 and 85mm open to a T/1.3, the 20, 24, and 35 to a T/1.5, the 135mm to a T/2.2, and the 14mm to a T/3.1. The lenses feature a smooth, creamy focus rolloff into an extremely homogenous bokeh render, leaving the subject undistracted by the background. Wide open there is a bit of Chromatic Aberration especially on the longer lenses that becomes a bit more subdued when closed down a stop or more. The lenses are fairly well corrected for distortion, and have a subtle warm, rosy render to skin that leaves a lot of life in the subjects, with warm, uncomplicated flares that don’t overwhelm the image.


Front Diameter: 114mm


*Certificate of Insurance is required for all Cinema Lenses Rental.


  • Canon 14mm T/3.1 L F