Block Battery SLi-D600

1-day Rate


Weekly: $225


Power your camera, lights, or other production equipment with this SLi-D600 Lithium-Ion Dual-Voltage 550Wh Block Battery System with Charger from BlockBattery. The SLi-600 features a 550Wh capacity via ten LiFePO4-55 lithium-iron phosphate battery blocks installed into a durable outer case.

The SLi-600 features two 3-pin XLR outputs that each provide regulated 28V power and two 4-pin XLR outputs that each provide 12.5 to 17.25 VDC output. It also features an LCD screen to view your output current and battery capacity status.


The unit is to only be charged using the included BlockBattery PSU-185-18 charger using the XLR charge input port, and it can charge from empty to full in approximately four hours. An XLR charging cable is also included. The outer case contains the inner cage that houses the battery block structure, as well as replaceable fuses for the inputs. The battery system can be carried by the top handle when you need to go mobile.