Astera Hydrapanel Kit of 4

1-day Rate


Weekly: $240


The FP6 HydraPanel LED 4-Light Kit with Charging Case from Astera features the compact 6.5 x 3.3 x 1.7″ panel designed for in the studio or on location. It suits film, studio, and stage applications for direct or indirect illumination of people, objects, or scenery. The adjustable color temperature ranges from 3200 to 6500K and it has a high CRI/TLCI of 96 for color accuracy. Its full-spectrum titan LED engine generates an impressive 1300 lumens output and it has a runtime of an hour and 45 minutes at maximum brightness on its built-in battery power.



  • 4x HydraPanel (FP6)
  • 4x FlexBase (FP6-FB)
  • 3x ConnectorPlate (FP6-CP)
  • 4x BabyPin 1/4“ (AX-BBP-1/4)
  • 4x SoftFrame 100 (FP6-SF-100)
  • 4x Intensifier 80 (FP6-INT-80)
  • 4x EggCrate 40 (FP6-EGC-40)
  • 4x EggCrate 60 (FP6-EGC-60)
  • 4x DiffusorSheet 100 (FP6-DS-100)
  • 4x GelHolder (FP6-GH)
  • 1x Power Supply for Hyperion Tube (FP3-CHR)
  • 3x 200mm Power/Data Cable (PWB-CAB-0.2)
  • 1x Charging Case for HydraPanel (FP6-CHRCSE-4)
  • 8x Waterproof cover for charging ports (PB15-PLG)