Sony Venice Full-Frame Digital Cinema Camera

1-day Rate




Providing a flexible design configuration within a single camera body, the Sony VENICE 6K Digital Motion Picture Camera is meant to provide you with just the amount of camera you need, so you don’t have to invest in more than necessary. It features a full-frame CMOS sensor with 15+ stops of dynamic range, but in its basic configuration it windows the sensor to shoot Super 35. The camera comes with a removable PL Mount that supports the Cooke /i Technology lens metadata protocols, allowing you to work with cinema-style glass ranging from vintage to modern. As is, the camera supports DCI and UHD 4K capture, while planned and scheduled firmware updates will enable anamorphic, full-frame, and select frame rates from 1 to 72 fps.



  • Sony Venice 6k Full-Frame Cinema Camera Body
  • Sony AXS-R7 RAW Recording Module for Sony Venice
  • Wooden Camera D-Box for Sony Venice (Gold Mount)
  • Wooden Camera D-Box Power Strip
  • Wooden Camera A-Box for Venice
  • Sony Venice EVF
  •  Sony EVF Cable-(2)
  • Sony PL Mount
  • ARRI Top Plate
  • ARRI CCH-1 Top Handle
  • ARRI 15mm LWS Riser Plate
  • ARRI BP-2 Bridge Plate and 12″ Dovetail
  • Arri RMB-3 Rod Holder
  •  512GB AXSM Cards-(2)
  • AXS-AR3 Card Reader and Power Supply 
  • 15mm Rods – 14″-(2)
  • ARRI Shoulder Pad for Venice/F55