Matthews Minivator II Crank Stand

1-day Rate


Weekly: $90


The MINIVATOR II 142″ Geared Stand from Matthews is a taller and stronger version of the MINIVATOR stand. It has a load capacity of 80 lb, and extends from 55″ to 142″.


A “Rocky Mountain” leg allows individual leveling adjustment to one leg, which is useful on uneven surfaces, making the MINIVATOR II ideal for location work. 4″ casters can be purchased separately, making this versatile stand available for studio and stage use.


A durable, double-cable mechanism keeps both risers traveling at equal proportions with each turn of the handle, ensuring firm and steady movement of the light fixture. Thirty-eight turns of the handle will take the fixture to full height. A “Combo” dual-purpose top casting allows for use of both Junior pin and Baby receiver fixtures.