Joker 800 HMI Head

1-day Rate


Weekly: $600


The Joker2 800 with Cable from K 5600 Lighting is an 800W controllable light source designed for use on film, television, and still sets. Featuring a threaded screw-on ring, the Joker2 800 allows for quick and tool-less relamping between separately available 3200K and 5600K HMI lamps. The threaded ring also allows you to mount a clear or frosted borosilicate beaker around the lens (beakers and lenses available separately). Additionally, the head incorporates a plug-in igniter designed to convert from HMI to 2K tungsten in less than a minute.


The Joker2 has an integrated three-axis yoke for flexible placement, and a braking system that ensures the system can support larger light shapers such as light banks, ellipsoid spots, and Softubes. For power, the head uses a separately available fully dimmable ballast. The ballast is high-speed with 300 and 1000 Hz frequencies, and offers built-in wireless DMX control via LumenRadio, allowing for control using a smartphone or tablet.


  • Joker 800 HMI Ballast
  • Joker 800 HMI Head Cable
  • Joker 800 HMI Clear Beaker
  • Joker 800 HMI Frosted Beaker
  • Joker 800 HMI Lens Frosted Fresnel
  • Joker 800 HMI Lens Medium Flood
  • Joker 800 HMI Lens Wide Flood
  • Joker 800 HMI Lens Super Wide Flood
  • Joker 800 HMI Scrim
  • Joker 800 HMI Travel Case