Digital Sputnik DS3 Kit

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Weekly: $525


The DS3 LED Advanced Wired DMX/RDM System was put together by Digital Sputnik for image-makers who require optimal color control,  overall great film lighting, and modular configuration possibilities as well as remote control capability. This comprehensive system includes three DS LED Modules, each with a head cable, a Tripod Mount, a DS Eccentric Lock, and a Diffuser Box (softbox) Set. A multi-voltage DS3 Power Supply with Wired DMX/RDM Handle is included, as well as a 2×1 and a 3×1 34/76 Lens, a 13.6′ AC cable, Dual Module Adapter, hex key, and a hard system case for storage and transport.


  • Digital Sputnik DS3 Case
  • Digital Sputnik DS3 Tripod Mount
  • DS3 Light Module
  • DS3 Module Lock
  • DS3 Dual Module Adapter
  • DS3 Diffuser Box
  • DIgital Sputnik 1×1 Diffuser
  • DS3 1×3 Diffuser
  • DS3 Light Module Cable
  • DS3 Power Cord
  • DS3 Power Supply Unit