Core SWX Renegade 777Wh Block Battery

1-day Rate


Weekly: $375


Many people who own older block battery packs already have shipping cases, and the good news is that the Renegade’s polycarbonate outer housing has the same size as the Maverick, which means it will fit perfectly in legacy shipping cases. This is a convenient feature for those who want to use their existing cases and avoid buying new ones.

One thing to note is that the Renegade requires an external charger. However, the rear compartment of these cases can be used to store the PFQ8 speed charger, making it easy to transport both the Renegade and the charger together.

Overall, the Renegade’s compatibility with legacy shipping cases is a thoughtful design feature that adds to its versatility and convenience, and the option to store the charger in the case helps keep everything organized and easy to transport.

Backlit LCD
The Renegade’s runtime LCD is designed to provide comprehensive status reporting for cinema production equipment and lighting. The LCD is similar to the on-board battery packs, and offers three-phase reporting.

The first phase provides information about the available standby charge level based on a current load of 100 watts. This is useful for planning and assessing the battery’s capacity before connecting it to any equipment. The second phase is dynamic and updates in real-time once the battery is connected to a device. The LCD will recalculate the runtime based on the present load current, giving you a more accurate estimate of the battery life remaining.

Lastly, when plugged into the PFQ8 charger, the LCD will report the time until the battery is fully charged. This allows you to plan for the charging time and ensure that your equipment is always ready for use.

Core’s runtime LCD provides clear and detailed information that is essential for managing battery life and ensuring reliable performance on set.



  • Core SWX PFQ-8 Charger for Renegade
  • 10A 125V IEC-NA C13 Mains AC Power Cable