Bright Tangerine Revolvr Atom Follow Focus Kit

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Weekly: $75


The Revolvr Atom Cine Kit from Bright Tangerine is a small-sized follow focus unit for mounting on 15mm LWS support rods. The Atom is a single-sided focus bridge that accepts standard and mini handwheels. Single-sided focus units are often, but not exclusively, used for handheld work or on locations where spaces are tight.

The handwheel and bridge both accept standard accessories, and using an optional Bright Tangerine 4D crank or focus whip provides for a play-free coupling. Included with the kit is a swing arm with an internal drive ratio of 1:1.842, and it also features a drive belt tension adjustment to eliminate play. The kit comes with two 0.8 Mod cine-style gears, and a total of two removable marking discs are included.



  • (1) Bright Tangerine Revolvr Handwheel
  • (1) Bright Tangerine Revolvr Atom 15MM LWS Core Bridge
  • (1) Bright Tangerine 6mm Gear Tooth Face
  • (1) Bright Tangerine 10mm Gear Tooth Face
  • (2) Bright Tangerine Revolvr Marking Disc