Atlas 1.4x PL Lens Expander

1-day Rate


Weekly: $225


Atlas Lens Co.’s 1.4x LF expander allows any of Eleven04’s Super35 PL lenses to cover Large Format sensors. It is optimized to work seamlessly with the Orion Anamorphic lenses, but can work with most other PL mount glass to expand the effective image circle of those lenses.


The 1.4x expander allows for an image with more character when used, as the expander allows for the natural falloff of the optics used to still fall in frame, rather than outside the sensor or film area.


With only 1 stop of light loss, the Expander also features a locking backfocus ring, which ensures lenses can be focused accurately through the optical path, as well as provide effects similar to some lens detuning processes if intentionally thrown off, making this expander a powerhouse of a creative tool.