ARRI L7-C Fresnel

1-day Rate


Weekly: $225


The Silver/Blue, Pole Operated L7-C Color LED Fresnel is part of ARRI‘s continuing effort to replace traditional Fresnels with powerful LED versions that offer unprecedented color control.


The key characteristic of any Fresnel is flood to spot capability and the L7-C meets and exceeds expectations with an impressive beam angle of 15-50°. There’s simply no learning curve or accommodation to be made when swapping out L7s fixture for fixture with standard Fresnels. In fact, you’re not going to be moving them around or juggling scrims in high places thanks to the 100 – 0% dimming capability.


The L7-C is a “fully tune-able” white light source, too, allowing you to match existing fixtures from a warm 2,800K to ice-blue 10,000K. Light intensity as well as color temperature and +/- green is controllable via DMX or RDM. Matching specific color shades and skin tones is also possible with the full gamut color mixing feature. This model also features an on-board controller with an LCD panel for operators who prefer to make these adjustments locally rather than remotely. And the L7-C can be seen but not heard thanks hybrid cooling that allows the user to choose between passive cooling or quiet db20 fan cooling.


The L7-C LED source produces 1,000W of light while drawing only 220W for a savings of a whopping 75% over similar output for film lighting use. And low heat means lower AC bills in the studio. You can actually run 9 L7s off of a 20A, 110V outlet as opposed to two 1,000W or three 650W standard fixtures. When it comes to performance and features, the L7-C might just be the perfect light source.


  • Arri L7-C Barn Doors