Aputure LS 60x Kit

1-day Rate


Weekly: $120


The LS 60x Bi-Color LED Focusing Flood Light from Aputure is a precision fixture with beam spread, power, color balance, and light intensity options. The light has an expansive color range of 2700 to 6500K to meet any ambient light challenge or match other fixtures. The light’s beam spread range of a tight 15 degrees to medium flood of 45 degrees can be further modified by the included 8-way barndoors for selective lighting. Light intensity is adjustable too from 0 to 100%.



  • Aputure LS 60x Head
  • Aputure LS 60x Barn Door
  • Aputure LS 60x Power Supply
  • Aputure LS 60x NP Battery Power Supply
  • Aputure LS 60x AC Power Cable
  • Aputure LS 60x Bowens Mount Adapter
  • Aputure LS 60x D-Tap Power Cable
  • Aputure LS 60x Case