Kessler CineSlider – 3′

1-day Rate


Weekly: $195


With an 80 lb. weight capacity the CineSlider holds more weight than any of our other sliders yet still remains extremely portable at a starting weight of 7.7 lbs. Add cameras, monitors, matte boxes, large lenses and more and still have weight to spare on the CineSlider. Everyone knows how important fluid drag controls are to tripod heads, so why not add the same idea to a slider? Now you can have that same ultra-smooth resistance to control your motion ensuring a perfect shot.


The CineSlider is compatible for use with elektraDrive™, CineDrive™, and/or Second Shooter™ motion control systems. Adding a motion control system to your slider will increase precision in movement and provide a platform to capture professional time-lapse, stop-motion and live camera movement.


  • Kessler Flat Base Adapter
  • Kessler Flat Base to 100mm Bowl Adapter
  • Baby Pin Receiver with 3/8-16″ Male Threaded Stud