DJI Ronin RS 2

1-day Rate


Weekly: $180


The DJI RS 2 is a redesigned follow-up to the Ronin-S gimbal with a payload of up to 10 lb. It’s about 25% lighter and more compact thanks to carbon fiber axis arms and a shorter grip handle with a smaller battery cartridge, although still with a 12-hour runtime. The motors are about 20% more powerful and support cameras such as the Blackmagic Pocket 6K, Canon 1D X Mark III, and FSony a7S III.

The RS 2 also has a 1.4″ full-color LCD touchscreen that allows you to access gimbal settings as well as features such as time-lapse and hyperlapse, which were previously accessible only via the companion mobile app.

There are also two RSA ports with electrical contacts for dedicated accessories, and each port has a NATO mount for quick release attachment of these optional accessories. One RSA port is provided on the left and one on the right side of the gimbal. Supported accessories include a focus wheel, and a twist-grip dual handle.


  • DJI Ronin RS 2 Gimbal
  • DJI BG30 Grip
  • DJI Extended Grip/Tripod
  • DJI Briefcase Handle
  • DJI RS 2 Quick-Release Plate
  • DJI R Phone Holder for RS 2
  • DJI Ronin Focus Motor
  • DJI RS2 Ammo Bag (6x M4 Screws)
  • USB Wall Adapter
  • Carrying Case
  • Optional Gold Mount Breakout sled

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