Ratpac Wireless AKS 4-Pack

1-day Rate



The RatPac AKS Dmx Wireless System powered by LumenRadio allows for full wireless control of your lighting via your iPhone or tablet. The AKS has a small form factor allowing it to be carried with you yet has a powerful router, CRMX transmitter, and a DMX node built in. The internal battery of the AKS allows for 20+ hours of life with only a 5 hour charge time, but is also able to be operated and charged simultaneously.

The CRMX transmitter allows for a range over 1,200 feet to your lights and uses 128-bit encryption to ensure that the signal is clear in most situations. The built-in long range WiFi allows your tablet or phone to control the AKS from up to 250 feet by connecting to the AKS as your network, and the ethernet port allows control via most modern consoles and PC-based DMX software. The AKS works with all CRMX wireless devices, all wireless Ratpac dimmers, and any compatible CRMX or LumenRadio products. The AKS’ one-button connect makes this system incredibly simple to use!


  • Ratpac Wireless AKS Transmitter
  • Ratpac Wireless AKS Cintenna RX Receiver
  • Ratpac Wireless AKS WiFi Range Extender
  • Ratpac Wireless AKS WiFi Range Extender Base
  • Ratpac Wireless AKS Tablet Case & Strap
  • Ratpac Wireless AKS Charging Case
  • Ratpac Wireless AKS Tablet
  • Wi-Fi Antenna
  • Ratpac Wireless AKS DMX Power Cable
  • Ratpac Wireless AKS Short Cat5 Cable


  • Ratpac Wireless AKS Cintenna 2 RX Receiver
  • Ratpac Wireless AKS Cintenna 2 RX 4-Pack Case